Frequently asked questions

  • The cave is kept at a comfortable 71degrees.
  • We kindly ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your session.  
  • No change of clothes needed. There are no shoes, personal belongings, reading material or electronics in the cave.
  • Please bring or wear a pair of socks. Socks are available for those who don’t read this stuff or simply forget at no charge. Kindly return the socks after using.
  • There are eight chairs in the cave. A single salt cave session includes “renting” a chair for a single forty-five-minute session, while listening to gentle meditation music. Salt cave sessions begin on the hour.
  • We do not interrupt a session. If you are late for your session which has begun, you may be asked to join the next available session.
  • The salt cave can cause excessive relaxation which may transition into sleep. When this occurs, purring (aka, snoring) may soon follow. Please be cognizant of others. If you are with someone who is snoring, feel free to give em’ a little nudge. If you are prone to snoring, keeping your chair a little more upright can be helpful.
  • Talking and chatting during a salt cave session can ruin the experience for others. Respect is essential and greatly appreciated. Failure to do so will result in bad juju and no one wants that..

What to Expect

What to Wear…

There is no change of clothes needed nor is a post salt cave session shower necessary as the temperature is kept at 71 degrees. Wear whatever you like, comfortable clothes or formal attire… Whatever makes you happy

The cave is a quiet, meditative and a shared space. Digging thru a purse, the light of a cell phone, jingle of car keys, and even turning of pages of a book can be disruptive to others. Because of this, we request that all personal belonging be left outside of the cave. We provide a secure cabinet for client use, or you may choose to leave your items in the car. Don’t forget your watch if it is connected to your phone.

Watch your step…

Upon entering the dimly lit cave*, the floor will transition from salt bricks to a loose salt floor, which kind of feels like coarse sand. Choose one of eight zero- gravity chairs and a team member will come around to cover you with a blanket and recline the chair. Your session includes relaxing, meditative music and will begin (and end) with three gentle gongs

Just Breathe! That’s all there is to do. The salt cave and salt air will do the rest. Himalayan salt is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Breathing it in will help to detox your body and cleanse the respiratory system. Close your eyes, rest, pray, meditate, and just shut off the world for 45 minutes. It will all be ok!

There are two steps up to enter the cave. Wheelchair ramp available. Kindly call for arrangements. 

Cell phones will implode in the salt cave-and it’s not pretty.

We offer blankets for use at no additional charge. Clients are welcome to bring their own if preferred. 

Cancellation and Return Policy

Customers may call 724-260-0472 or email to cancel. As a small business with limited space to schedule multiple clients, late cancellations significantly and negatively impact our providers and our business. We kindly ask that you provide as much notice as possible. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Cancellations, or reschedules for salt cave sessions require 24 hours’ notice to avoid being charged. 

Cancellations or reschedules for appointments and events/classes must be received with no less than 48 hours’ notice before scheduled session. Please note the Chakra Sound Bath w/ Brooke does not allow for any cancellation or refund.

Private group events require 72 hours’ cancellation notice. 

Cancellations made within the guidelines below will be given credit toward a future session or class. A credit card is required to hold all scheduled services. If a credit card is not on file, your appointment may be cancelled. We do not offer refunds.

Products may be returned unused or undamaged within 14 days of purchase for store credit only.


what is a halotherapy?

Himalayan salt is a natural antiseptic that reduces inflammation and opens up breathing passages. Our cave contains 32,000 pounds of authentic Himalayan salt.  As we  breathe, the salt thins mucus build-up, eliminates allergens, and improves lung function. It also benefits skin, increases immunity, stimulates metabolism, improves concentration, decreases fatigue, and heightens your mood. Halotherapy has been around for centuries and is a natural, safe, and drug-free treatment.


Relax. Refresh. Rejuvenate.

The concept is simple: Just Breathe. As you breathe, the salt naturally detoxifies and helps to balance your body. Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals, identical to those in our bodies and releases negative ions. The minerals help to support our system and the negative ions cause a natural release of serotonin. Many clients feel effects within minutes of entering!

The salt is naturally anti bacterial, anti- inflammatory and anti-viral.  When we physically breathe in the salt, it cleanses our respiratory system and cleanses the skin.  It is an ancient and effective method for assisting with colds, allergies, asthma, skin conditions or any respiratory condition. Himalayan salt is known to be energetically cleansing – rid yourself of negative energy.

While typical table salt is dehydrating, pure mineral salts have natural moisturizing properties and support the skin’s water balance and barrier function by attracting moisture to the skin. The minerals found in Himalayan salt have rejuvenating properties and are necessary for cell function and detoxification. The energy held within salt is released when water is added allowing the ionized nature of the stored minerals to be absorbed by the body’s cells. The nature of water and salt together is especially beneficial as it regenerates and cleanses at a cellular level.

Ever notice how your skin and sinus’s clear at the beach? In addition to emitting negative ion’s which clean the air of free radicals, Himalayan salt cleans the skin thoroughly by removing dead skin and impurities and opens pores to receive and absorb nutrients and minerals so many lack. Psoriasis and eczema can be improved using the healing properties of the 84 trace elements found in Himalayan salt.

What people are saying

32 Thousand Pounds of Salt

why choose Salt of the Earth?

Our custom-built salt cave and graduation tower is the first in Washington County and the largest in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region. Salt of the Earth offers a graduation tower that closely mimics those used throughout Europe for hundreds of years. The sheer amount of salt in our cave is enough to make you feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated.