Himalayan Salt Cave and Chakra Boutique

Halotherapy ● crystals ● jewelry ● massage ● yoga ● Guided Meditations ● Group Events

What positive energy this place has! Healing. Peaceful. ~Michelle D

Himalayan Salt Cave and Chakra Boutique

Halotherapy ● crystals ● jewelry ● Group Events ● Massage ● reiki ● Guided Meditations ● Yoga

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Salt of the Earth

We offer an authentic Halotherapy experience, in our custom built salt cave. Halotherapy is a centuries-old healing modality using Himalayan salt and your breath to naturally detoxify the respiratory system and body.  Simply breathe the salt air to feel the difference. 

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Feel the benefits of breathing


It's that simple

Just Breathe...

45 minute single salt cave session

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Interested in learning more? Watch our KDKA feature story and our interview with Kerri Burk.

Chakra Boutique

Step into our chakra boutique to explore a selection of spa and relaxation items.  Salt of the Earth offers locally-made jewelry and organic lotions and scrubs, candles, 925 silver jewelry, authentic salt lamps, essential oils, CBD Products, and wide variety of natural cut and polished crystals. 

Touch, See and Feel our crystals! 

Our staff offers personalized service to assist in the choosing the perfect crystal for you. 
Products are available in store and online

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Lisa Mascara


Lisa Mascara and TJ Gentile opened Salt of the Earth with the desire to bring alternative health options and halotherapy to those in the South Hills, Pennsylvania area. Learn more about her story and serendipitous journey.

Salt of the Earth

Have questions, or want to know more about restrictions? Read our cave policies and information before you arrive.

Salt of the Earth, Home

Release your negative ions.

Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals that can be absorbed by our bodies. Halotherapy releases detoxifying negative ions into the air and helps adults and children with respiratory and skin conditions. See what salt cave therapy can do for you.