Salt of the Earth

, Salt Cave Sessions

What can a salt cave session do for you?

The concept is simple: Just Breathe. As you breathe, the salt naturally detoxifies and helps to balance your body. Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals, identical to those in our bodies and releases negative ions. The minerals help to support our system and the negative ions cause a natural release of serotonin. Many clients feel effects within minutes of entering!

The salt is naturally anti bacterial, anti- inflammatory and anti-viral.  When we physically breathe in the salt, it cleanses our respiratory system and cleanses the skin.  It is an ancient and effective method for assisting with colds, allergies, asthma, skin conditions or any respiratory condition. Himalayan salt is known to be energetically cleansing – rid yourself of negative energy.

No matter your age, advanced halotherapy offers natural and holistic healing treatment to improve your health and wellness.

Which package is right for you?

Single Salt Cave Session

Single salt cave sessions are a great way to relax.

3 Session Sampler

Created to be used in close succsession to see the benefits of regular halotherapy. This is our best selling package. 

5 Session Package

This package is a great choice for allergy sufferers or anyone with breathing disorders.  Use in close succession to see the benefits of regular halotherapy. 

10 Session Package

Perfect for dropping into the cave when you need a day to relax. Sessions expire 12 months after first use. 

One Month Unlimited

If you are dealing with an on-going condition, give yourself the opportunity to saturate your system with the benefits of salt. You didn’t get here overnight and it will take more than one session to see the maximum benefits. Come 3 times a week or as much as you can for 30 days and become a believer. This is also our most popular gift option.

3 Month Unlimited

Become a salt cave regular and choose the three month package entitling you to unlimited salt cave sessions for three months. 

6 Month Unlimited

Become a salt cave regular and choose the six month package entitling you to unlimited salt cave sessions for six months. 

Rent the Salt Cave

Make it a private event and rent the salt cave for a few or up to 6 people! Interested in group meditation or reiki? Options are available to have one of our experienced instructors be a part of your salt cave experience. Let us help you make a special and private event.