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Relationship Resolutions


90 + minute workshop — Learn about the dynamics of your relationships and how they can enhance to create your best life.

Why is there such a vast difference in relationships and the feelings which they create? In their highest form, relationships prompt growth, joy, and satisfaction. In lower forms though, they can induce fear, sadness, and even insecurity. With such a profound effect on our day to day lives, asking ourselves the right questions is essential. Is it best to distance yourself from a challenging relationship or find a resolution? Doing either can be difficult emotionally or financially and may feel overwhelming. This workshop is designed to give you the tools to move beyond these emotions and toward building positive relationships. 

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Led by Amy Celento, the Relationship Resolution workshop will help navigate interpersonal relationships. Participants are provided the tools to gain insight and learn more deeply about themselves. The workshop sheds light on soul forces and their role in creating harmonious relationships. Benefits apply to all types of relationships: romantic, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and authority figures. It is often said that knowledge is power. Personal knowledge is the ultimate tool to empower yourself to create your best life in the best personal or professional environment. 

Amy Celento of BrainBody Vitality is an experienced facilitator in understanding the dynamics of, and resolving relationship conflict. With 20+ years experience, she has extensive training in the art and science of helping families, children, and adults live fuller and empowered lives. Amy has a private practice in Nutley, NJ, bringing insight and realignment to workshops and to private clients. She utilizes relational constellations and cutting edge neuroscience methods to spark insights and lasting changes.


Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation w/Brooke


55 minute session – guided meditation with crystal bowl sound therapy

Go on a musical meditation journey into a realm of pure vibration.  From there we dissolve into the pure tones and overtones of quartz crystal singing bowls and crystallize again with the sacred heart-beat rhythm of the Spirit Drum.  All this pure and powerful musical medicine creates a matrix of vibration, allowing the individual and collective energy field to re-organize into a powerful place of clarity and harmony.  Every cell of you and the water within you will vibrate and come into peaceful resonance. Brooke Smokelin is an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Sound Healer, and Musician, or “Nada Yogini”.  She has been a practitioner of various forms of Sound Therapy for over 25 years and works with the instruments of voice, percussion, guitar, tuning forks, and quartz crystal bowls. She is a pioneer and visionary in the field and has toured all over the country sharing her healing abilities. Want a deeper experience?  Try a private chakra assessment and sound healing session prior to the sound bath.  Only 2 sessions available each month so schedule yours today!

Guided Meditation w/Kara


50 minute session – guided meditation and Reiki healing

Every meditation is a journey!  Each month, Kara takes you on a beautiful guided adventure through different landscapes and experiences.  While you immerse yourself in the journey, Kara will invite the Reiki energy to move through you and attend to your healing needs.  Relax in the serene atmosphere of the salt cave, snuggle into an anti- gravity recliner with the sounds of soft music and trickling water in the background, and drift away to another world.  She offers one of our most popular monthly events!

Kara Anthony, a Peters Township resident and native, is an experienced a reiki master, teacher, medium and medical intuitive. She is a popular resource for those interested in divine messages from personal spirit guides, angels and loved ones whom have passed on. Stemming from her love of animals, Kara has become widely recognized for her unique ability to connect to pets, living and deceased.  

Want a personal experience?  Kara is one of our premier providers here at the salt cave. She offers Reiki Healing, as well as Spirit Channeling and Mediumship.

Guided Meditation and Reiki Healing w/Wendy


45 minute session – guided meditation and Reiki healing

Past Life Meditation w/Leza


90 minute session – 45 minute guided meditation plus discussion

Past life regression offers a spiritual journey through time and space, which can help us to understand difficult anxieties and fears that are connected to other incarnations that are unknown to us and our conscious awareness. Here we can not only discover information about our strengths and challenges, but also our soul mates and soul agreements.  We are very excited to offer this truly unique guided meditation experience!

In this meditation, we will take a walk into a space where you may explore a place where your soul has journeyed before. From this space, we can approach our journey in life differently and interact with our higher self and spiritual guides.  This event is 90 minutes. The meditation is 45 minutes with the remaining time dedicated to follow-up discussion among participants and Leza. 

Qi Gong w/Bobbi


45 minute session – expand your personal energy.

Qi Gong is a very gentle form of moving meditation and is not strenuous.   Wear comfy clothes, sit or stand while you simply expanding your personal energy through smooth movements and breath. Qi Gong is an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that combines movement, meditation, and breathing to enhance the flow of Qi (or vital energy) in the body. Improve your immune system, flexibility and strength.  This class is offered in the cave at Salt Of The Earth and will assist in reducing your stress and anxiety. 

  • Purge what does not serve you.
  • Cultivate your Qi (energy) in the body and attune to the amazing abundance of natures flow of energy available to us.  Kinda like an apple tree.. we just have to pick it!  
  • Practice movements that will release stagnation and energetic blockages.  Let it all go!
  • Enhance ability to be fully present and aware.  Clear a foggy brain!

Bobbi DiClaudio is a certified Holistic Health and High Vibe Coach.  She is certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and Hungry for Happiness.  She is also trained in Reiki, Color Code Personality Assessment, Personal Development and Leadership.  She works with women who are ready to explore what Health Happiness truly means by reshaping old beliefs and creating new patterns around food, exercise, and self worth to take their lives from ordinary to extraordinary, placing no limits on what they can become!

Restorative Yoga w/ Britney


45 minutes – Gentle yoga with meditation

Revive and Restore your being with our awesome and unique combination of restorative yoga and the Himalayan salt cave. This restorative yoga class provides gentle, stretching poses in the healing and detoxifying salt cave.
Come experience the bliss of Restorative Yoga coupled with the health benefits of the Himalayan Salt Cave, which include better sleep, improved circulation, skin rejuvenation and decreased stress. Give your body the opportunity to heal from the inside out with deep breathing exercises that will create harmony and balance.  This class is typically offered every other Thursday at 6:45.  Check the schedule for the most updated class schedule. 
Please bring a yoga mat. 

Sacred Sound Healing w/Leza


45 minutes – guided meditation with crystal bowl sound therapy

Join Leza for a relaxing and powerful meditative experience that starts with a guided mediation designed to cleanse the chakra system, followed by the sharing of vibrations and frequencies of the crystal bowls.  Leza engages with each group on both a physical and auric level, encouraging a truly releasing experience.  The use of sound in mediation is an effective way to entrain the brain to move into deep relaxation and peaceful states, where you can access powerful self-healing.  The benefits reported from our participants is truly amazing.   



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