Group Events at Salt of the Earth

Enjoy the salt cave for a private session with family, friends, or colleagues of your choosing. Our group events are uniquely tailored to your preferences, size, availability, and budget. Please share some basic information by filling out the form below or give us a call. Available services are dependent upon provider availability.

We know scheduling a group can be challenge, and so appreciate the effort! For the coordinator, group CEO, Salt Cave Hero, or whatever fabulous name you prefer, we extend our sincerest appreciation with an invitation for *complimentary salt cave session!

Salt Cave Only

$215.00 up to 6

$255.00 up to 8

Include guided meditation, reiki, spiritual readings, head and neck massage, crystal bowl sound healing, or a combination of any two services to upgrade your experience!

One service starting @ $355

Two services starting @ $490


If you have a small group:

Head and neck massage, individual reiki, or spiritual readings are suggested for groups with a single private session and no more than 4 guests. Pricing starts @ $355 for one service

If you would like these services and have more than 4, we can accommodate by extending the time in the salt cave. Call for pricing and availability.

If you have more than 5 guests:

We suggest guided meditation, restorative yoga, or crystal bowl sound healing as an upgrade. All the above can include group energy healing as part of the services and are subject to availability.

Guided Meditation $355 (includes up to 8 guests)

Restorative Yoga $355 (includes up to 8 guests)

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing $375 (includes up to 8 guests)

*Complimentary salt cave session valid for 90 days. Not to be shared or bequeathed.

Pricing Subject to Change.

Services schedule during the week may be eligible for a discount!

50% non-refundable deposit due upon scheduling. Remaining balance due at time of service*.

We understand things come up… In the event you must reschedule or cancel:

Call us asap if you have an issue. we don’t want customers to pay for something they did not receive… not why we are in business. We are here to provide a holistic healing experience and we do best!

Wish we didn’t have establish guidelines, but unfortunately, experience dictates that we must set some ground rules to ensure the future of Salt of The Earth. If you have a situation and would like to discuss, always feel free to reach out to discuss. Here are the basics..

Cancellation with less than 72-hour notice will be charged the full amount. Ugh. don’t cancel last minute!

We are blessed with a top-notch team, who are experienced and bring exceptional results to our clients. We make significant efforts to respect them and their schedules.