About Salt of the Earth

Welcome to Salt of the Earth! Defining and building this business has been a dream come true and an unbelievable adventure, one that I am eternally grateful for. My fiancé TJ Gentile, and I have been “Pittsburgher’s” our entire lives and have our roots here. Not only do we love our community, we love the way people are in western PA. True to form, Peter’s Township, Canonsburg, Washington County and the entire South Hills have been immensely welcoming and supportive.

Want to make God laugh? “Tell him your plan”.

Many have asked us how we got into this business. In all truthfulness, it came to us in one magnificent and serendipitous adventure. Initially, Salt of the Earth was not my specific vision but was meant to be. We researched various alternative health options and Haleotherapy. The benefits are amazing and blew us away! Salt is natural, organic, and a healing mineral. It promotes balance by design. Even though we remained on the fence for a brief moment, the pieces for Salt of the Earth were quietly aligning for a seamless implementation. Ultimately, our financing aligned to the day. The construction and material delivery just came together perfectly. Even, the name came to me in a dream. We finally quit considering and just accepted that we were part of a larger reality! Regardless of how we got here, I am living my dream and couldn’t be more grateful.

Our world has changed dramatically in the past twenty years. So much so, it is hard to grasp at times. We are a global society with limitless exposure to other cultures. Consider how our perception of massage, acupuncture, essential oils, yoga, reiki, etc. has shifted. If prejudice is ignorance and that it is overcome with knowledge, then our acceptance of these and other healing modalities reflects our collective intellectual and spiritual growth. And that is just awesome!
We sincerely hope you enjoy the salt cave and the fabulous items in our boutique.

Just Breathe!