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Clear Quartz Bead Bracelet

Extra clear, clear quartz bead bracelet.


clear quartz

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Clear Quartz is highly prized for it’s ability to clear the mind of negativity and enhance spiritual connection and receptiveness. It s a “must-have” and considered a ROCKSTAR among crystals as it can magnify the vibrations of other crystals. It is the most multi-dimensional of all stones and used for meditation, healing, communication and past-life recall. Clear Quartz will bring heightened spiritual awareness, increase psychic abilities and encourage clarity. If you are looking to expand your consciousness, this stone is a go-to and unparalleled to connect with your higher self and manifest intentions.

Disclaimer –  Crystal Healing, the use of precious and semi- precious gemstones has been used for worldwide for centuries and is a vital component of holistic healing.  While their history and properties have been widely documented, the properties of crystals supplied on this site are metaphysical. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition, nor be used in lieu of medical advice.