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Canine Crystals - Dog Collar Charm - Smoky Quartz

Sit, stay, strengthen

Smoky Quartz is a protection and grounding crystal that transmutes negative energies into higher vibrations. Therefore, this stone can help to alleviate your pet’s pain and swelling and strengthen their physical self. Smoky Quartz can also enhance relationships among loved ones and animal friends. If you have two pets, this stone will serve them well.


Smoky Quartz: Smokey Quartz is a protection stone that cleanses and clears negative energy. It is also a grounding stone that transmutes negative energies into higher vibrations. Facilitate the ability to get things done while warding off negative thinking and relieving tension, stress, and worry. It is one of the most powerful stones for clearing and purifying the environment from electromagnetic stress- a very common problem in our modern world of daily electronics. Hold or wear Smokey Quartz daily for grounding, protection, and balancing your personal energy. Like Amethyst and Clear Quartz. Smokey Quartz is helpful for relieving physical pain.

Disclaimer –  Crystal Healing, the use of precious and semi- precious gemstones has been used for worldwide for centuries and is a vital component of holistic healing.  While their history and properties have been widely documented, the properties of crystals supplied on this site are metaphysical. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition, nor be used in lieu of medical advice.