Rhodonite is a unique stone that it supports Heart and Root Chakra. Its more commonly associated with the heart chakra, which helps us to give and receive love fully. However, as a root chakra, it also protects, grounds and empowers us.

Combining these two powerful chakras, Rhodonite’s claim to fame is forgiveness.  When the heart energy  is stuck with hurt, anger and disappointment,  it is frequently forgiveness which is needed  to move on. This delicate, yet tough, pink and black stone just may surprise you and is a good choice.

Rhodonite brings  strength and vitality to the body and spirit. Look for the support of higher vibrations  which will encourage you to be the best you possible.

Physically, It  is believed to support detoxification and healing of the organs, especially the liver. Place Rhodonite on the heart or brow when feeling panicked and/or anxious.